Lion And Tiger Cubs Were Rescued From House In Sharjah Just Before They Were Going To Be Trafficked


Earlier this month the Sharjah police and the Environments and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) raided a house which they were suspicious about for quite a long time and found a number of exotic aminals being held in the residence.

The animals which were reported to look super scared and uncared for were quickly rescued by the EPAA from being sold on social media sites without a license.

The Sharjah authorities found and confiscated a white lion cub, two tiger cubs and two monkeys from the homes of the offenders. The EPAA has said that such acts not only go against the law but also severely harm the environment and can cause major distress to animals involved.

Although there has been a drop in the number of animals being trafficked in comparison to 2018 when more than 142 wild animals including tigers, cheetahs and snakes were rescued from residents in Sharjah, there are STILL a few trying to smuggle in exotic animals illegally to the country.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAA) praised the UAE authorities for preventing the illegal trafficking of these exotic animals

The authorities have reminded the public that there is a strict fine of AED100,000 on anyone possessing wild animals that could harm people.


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