The UAE Encourages Readiness After First MonkeyPox Case Detected


Monkeypox was first detected in the UAE on Tuesday, May 24, by The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP). Today, the National Emergency Crisis and Management Authority (NCEMA) made an announcement encouraging readiness within the community.


Authorities are calling on the health sector to access and prepare

The UAE calls for precautionary measures

The NCEMA advises everyone to take precautions so that the risk of infection by any virus is reduced. The UAE Government urges people to take the relevant measures to keep the community and themselves safe and healthy. The protection of the community is the UAE’s priority.

The UAE Government has decided to stop COVID-19 media briefs

In addition to the call for preparation, the NCEMA announced that the UAE Government will stop the regular COVID-19 media briefing today, May 26. Furthermore, the UAE government provided all the medical resources needed when it came to the COVID-19 pandemic. Highlighting, the UAE’s efforts to protect the community’s health and safety throughout the two years is significant. 


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