UAE Citizens Will No Longer Need A Visa To Travel To The UK From 2023

Farah Makhlouf

Mansoor Abulhoul, the UAE’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom made a ground-breaking announcement on his Twitter earlier today.

The Emirates will be one of the first countries to be part of the UK’s Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme which will be rolled out in 2023 and that means…

UAE citizens will no longer need to get a visa prior to travelling to the UK next year

The UAE passport is one of the strongest in the world, ranking 15th in the Henley Passport Index earlier this year globally and first in the Arab World

This news will enable Emiratis to travel with ease to different countries. “Reducing travel restrictions for Emiratis has been a top priority for me. I’m proud our efforts now mean Emiratis seeking to visit the UK can now achieve greater ease of travel,” Abulhoul said.

Other GCC (Gulf Cooperate Council) countries are reported to be part of the ETA scheme as well!

“It is a country which is loved so much and so much time spent in, invested so much money in. I think this is a wonderful development and just wanted to express thanks to the UK government and tireless work of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy in London,” he said.  This development will bring many more opportunities to the relationship between both the UAE and the UK.


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