Khobar’s Viral Duck And Cat Bond Inspired Two Honorary Statues!


Friendship is celebrated in all walks of life, and this unqiue cat and duck duo has made it to the big leagues. Just a few weeks ago, videos of a cat and duck hanging out in Khobar Corniche had been catching everyone’s eye. Due to the friendship being a rare occasion, considering the usual rivalry between birds and cats, this duo was all love.

Videos of them hanging out together have been going viral all over the internet

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The community was absolutely obsessing over their heartwarming friendship as they were almost always seen together. The original owner of the cat however had decided to take her back home, causing this adorable friendship to come to an end.

The duo now has their own statues to honor their friendship!

Although the duo is now separated, their friendship will always be honored right at the spot they were first spotted!


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