5 Escape Rooms In Jeddah You’ve Got To Visit For That Ultimate Adrenaline Rush Filled Weekend


Escape rooms are springing up left, right and center around Jeddah and the city is in love with them. Though many of them are pricier when compared to other activities to do in the city, it is the novelty of the concept and the thrill that comes with it that makes the price tag worthwhile.

In an escape room participants have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues and hints to complete the challenges within a given time frame.

So in case you are living in Jeddah and missing out on this amazing activity, then you should probably continue reading as we introduce you to them.

1. Novus Escape Room

Novus is one of the best escape rooms in the country and one of its most popular ones as well. If there is a nationwide voting on the best escape room then this one for surely will be somewhere on the top of the chart. There are several rooms in Novus, all which will want you to keep coming back and better your own record.

Location: Abdullah Jasir Street

2. The Secret Room

It was the Secret Room that kick started the escape room trend in the country. It has branches in Riyadh and Al Khobar as well. Like Novus there are several rooms here all that are priced differently as they all come with a different set of challenges and setting.

Location: Al Yamamah Street

3. Maze Box

Imagine this-you’re near a North Korean demilitarized warzone and held as prisoners. Now you have to escape following the hints and solve the puzzles before the time runs out. Sounds good right, it is even better in real life.

Location: Prince Sultan Rd.

4. Exit The Room

Located in Sawary Mall, the not so easy escape rooms by Exit Room are sure to keep your adrenaline pumping. So live for 60 minutes in a fantasy world where you and your team are the heroes of the story. P.S. You can call for assistance if you find yourself on a roadblock.

Location: Sawary Mall

5. Escape Hunt

Be it your family, friends or colleagues Escape Hunt is a place that has something for everyone. So step into the world of animals as you try to solve its mind-teasing challenges. It is pricier than the other Escape Rooms out there but it is certainly one of the best. Escape Hunt is part of a global franchise that manages escape rooms in several countries around the world so a visit to this can be an amazing introduction to the world of escape rooms.

Location: Al Sayedda Khadeeja Street


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