5 Aesthetic Coffee Spots In Khobar To Brighten Up Your Instagram Page


If you didn’t post it…it didn’t happen!

Taking aesthetic pictures of your coffee is one of the many things that make the day complete. Coffee is an important part of life for many, so much that it is the fuel that gets you up in the morning. Although Starbucks is great and it has an unexplainable addictiveness, trying new places will hopefully help get over the white mocha obsession.
If you’re a coffee fan and love to post it on your socials, these 5 places are perfect for you!

1. Blue Star Cafe

This coffee shop is known to make beautiful designs on your cups, such as swans, unicorns, birds, etc.
*In comes the anxiety of ruining the design before drinking it.

2. Bohemia Art Cafe


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Not only does this spot have such positive vibes, but is simultaneously a vinyl/record buyer, seller, and board game cafe.
It’s the best of all worlds!

3. August Cafe


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If you’re feed is all monotone, this cafe is known to not only have great black coffee, but a black theme too!

4. Equal Cafe


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This place isn’t just known for its coffee, but serves yummy bites and snacks for those weird friends that aren’t caffeine lovers.

5. Geeks Cafe

Winter would never be complete without a hot chocolate. So this cafe is known to present the cutest cups of hot cocoa with marshmallows.
No one even will know if you ate a marshmallow before taking the pic!


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