5 Of The Most Iconic Moments From Ramadan 2023 In Saudi


From Ronaldo’s infamous headlock to an Emirati astronaut’s stunning space shots of the two holy mosques, here are the top five moments from Saudi Arabia’s Ramadan 2023. And yes, someone finally figured out the right way to open those pesky date packs!

1. Ronaldo’s Infamous Headlock

Love him or hate him, you just can’t deny him. Ronaldo is always in the news, heck, a business magazine even has a full-time Ronaldo correspondent based out of Riyadh. In a recent match against Al Hilal, Ronaldo seemingly had one of Al-Hilal’s players in a headlock and got a yellow card for it.

2. Emirati Astronaut’s Epic Space Shots Of The Two Holy Mosques

Emirati astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi has been taking the most jaw-dropping snapshots of Earth from the International Space Station. On one of his most recent posts, he shared a stunning video showcasing Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah from space. You can clearly even spot the Two Holy Mosques from there.

3. The Iftar Pack With A SAR500 Note In It

Whoever got this iftar pack is super lucky, as apart from the regular dates, water, and other snacks, this one had a SAR 500 note in it. It went absolutely viral, and people across the world got a taste of Saudi hospitality, which is basically 10x more than usual in Ramadan.

4. Saudi Food Blogger’s Chocolate Samboosas

The main draw of any iftar in Ramadan are the samboosas. It’s almost as if an iftar is incomplete without them. Food blogger Hisham Baeshen did the unthinkable: he made chocolate samboosas. The video literally divided the internet.

5. And, Finally The Video Of Someone Finally Figuring Out The Right Way To Open These Pesky Date Packs

You probably saw these date packs everywhere in Ramadan, they are actually a pretty good way to break the fast, no? Anyway, these packs are not the easiest to open, and someone actually figured out how to go about doing it. This was just the lifehack everyone needed this Ramadan.


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