A Couple Rode All The Way From Germany To Saudi On A Bicycle


Julia and Tilmann Schöllnhammer, environmentalists, gave up flying to reduce their carbon footprint and are now fulfilling a longstanding goal of seeing the world on a bicycle. They’re currently in Saudi Arabia and have reached here after an epic nine-month journey.
The two only used their bicycles to travel and take the occasional ferry to get here.

Carrying everything they need to survive, eating mostly veggies and rice with the occasional soft drink to add calories. They do carry their camping gear with them as they spend most nights camped out in tents.

But they hadn’t always had Saudi Arabia on their minds—their initial plan was to head to China. But COVID-19-related restrictions there made them change their plans, and they settled on Saudi Arabia instead.


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They travelled from Germany through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran before boarding a vessel for the United Arab Emirates and crossing the land border to Saudi Arabia.


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The journey hasn’t been easy, as they’ve braved the harshest of deserts, severe thunderstorms, and even witnessed the protests in Iran on their way here.


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