Here Are 5 Perfect Places To Watch The World Cup In Sharqiyah

Here Are 5 Perfect Places To Watch The World Cup In Sharqiyah

As the matches get intense, people are swarming cafes and restaurants to cheer on their favorite teams. After the iconic Saudi vs Argentina win, fans are even more enthusiastic and proud of the Saudi team. These 5 places located around Sharqiyah are perfect to get decked out in green and watch the World Cup matches.


5. MARAMIA, Al Khobar

Nothing calms the nerves like a nice cup of warm tea from this Iraqi tea house. Grab your fresh cuppa and sip on the delicacy at every moment.

4. Elul Cafe, Dammam

This place is perfect for those of you who need something sweet in hand when watching the matches. Munch on their delicious French Toast, or order their amazing fresh brew of coffee!

3. Teamap, Al Mubarraz

This place a top pick if you’re located n the Mubarraz region of Sharqiyah.

2. Ratio, Al Khobar

This place has the most mouth-watering donuts that are bite sized! So grab one of these yummy things while you sip on your coffee during the match. Ratio also has an amazing aesthetic if you want to take pictures of your World Cup experience.

1. Troy Cafe, Dammam

This place literally has EVERYTHING you can think of when it comes to desserts. Sip on a hot chocolate DRENCHED in marshmallows, munch on an ice-cream sandwich in your coffee, or take some of their delicious Lotus French Toast home. This place is all things dessert if you’d like to munch on something sweet during the World Cup.

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