Saudi National Day Is Even Being Celebrated In The Metaverse


For those who haven’t set foot in the metaverse yet, now could be the time as Saudi Arabia’s National Day celebrations are taking place there.

The festivities will take place on the Decentraland Metaverse platform up until tomorrow. A computer-generated museum highlighting Saudi heritage from various regions of the Kingdom will be part of the online celebrations.

For their virtual avatars, you buy non-fungible token (NFT) costumes that are based on regionally specific traditional Saudi clothing. They look pretty cool, actually.

A “Proof of Attendance Protocol” (POAP), a digital credential that attests to attendance, will also be given to everyone who takes part.

The King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Partnership and marketing firm The Bold Group have collaborated to put on the event.

While you’re in the metaverse, you can buy virtual land (to host National Day celebrations at your pad maybe) using cryptocurrency.

You can take part in the celebrations by logging onto the Saudionmeta website here.



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