The First-Ever Highway Linking Oman And Saudi Arabia Was Recently Inaugurated And It Passes Straight Through The Rub Al Khali Desert


Oman and Saudi Arabia share you’d think a straight highway could get you there, right? But no, there was no such road between the two as what lies between them is the inhospitable Rub Al Khali desert. But against all odds, the two countries have managed to build a highway right through the shifting sands of the desert and it date take years to construct – of course, it did, it’s 725 KM long passing through a place where no man, no animal, nothing other than sand exists for miles on end. A logistical nightmare, basically.

But not anymore ‘ cus we got a cool new highway linking the two countries.

The opening coincided with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s recent visit to Oman.

The Crown Prince’s visit saw a slew of other important announcements. Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) will spend $5 billion in Oman. Saudi companies have inked 13 memorandums of understanding (MoU) with Omani businesses worth a whopping $30 billion!


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