This Saudi Man Has Gone Viral For Catching A SHARK While Fishing At The Corniche


It was just an average day of fishing for this young man until he found himself holding one of the most fierce creatures of the sea

Just off the coast of the Dammam Corniche, a young Saudi man was casually fishing at night with some friends. To his surprise, he ended up capturing a WHOLE shark with just a single fishing rod. The fiisherman went viral on Twitter as people praised him on his abilities to capture the large-scale creature with just a hook.

The video shows the young man saying “God willing, God bless.. this shark is on the Dammam Corniche. See how big it is!”

If you look closely, it’s almost as big as the fisherman himself! It’s not everyday that someone casually grabs a big shark while fishing, but this young man lucked out!


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