Saudi Twitterverse Is All Hearts For This Gesture By The Chinese Ambassador


China’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Chen Weiqing, has a pretty active Twitter account where he normally posts in Arabic. Recently, he shared a tweet that Saudi Twitter is all praises for.

His tweet reads “After coming to Saudi Arabia more than two years ago, I found that I still needed to spend more time to learn Saudi culture. Still learning to wear the bisht.”

The ambassador is seen wearing a bisht, shimag and even an ogal in the photo that accompanied his post.

He seems to travel a lot about the country as well, here he is at the ancient Arabian city of Dummat Al Jandal.

Recently, a video of another ambassador to Saudi Arabia was viral.

The video was of Iwai Fumio, the Japanese ambassador to Saudi Arabia, who was spotted eating a dish called the Muftah the traditional way by creating a mound of rice in his hands before swallowing it.


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