To Celebrate The 90th Saudi National Day Concerts Are Coming Back!


All activities including gatherings and concert came to an end in Saudi Arabia from the month of March this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the concerts and are back this year on the 90th National Day, which falls on September 23 of each year ?

After news was circulated from the singer and artist Dalal “Abdawiya,” one of the largest fans of the artist, Mohamed Abdo, on her Twitter account.

Wally Day is well-known among the public as an exclusive and proactive source for all Abonoura concerts and news.

She said in tweets yesterday evening that the Arab artist will hold a concert on the occasion of the National Day in Riyadh on September 23.

With the participation of artists Rashid Al Majid in Dammam and Majid Al Mohandes in Jeddah.

A complete guide of returning entertainment activities from the Entertainment Authority

And by virtue of the fact that the Entertainment Authority is the organizer of the National Day season in various cities of Saudi Arabia, with the slogan of “mettle until the top”.

Almost two months ago, with the return to normal life in Saudi Arabia, like other ministries and government agencies, it launched a complete guide for the return of all recreational activities.

It includes preventive measures in the aspect of health awareness, preventive measures, the regulatory aspect, the aspect of physical distancing, and other things that you can take a look here.

The National Day season last year witnessed concerts by more than 20 artists in 11 Saudi cities

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