6 Facts You’ll Definitely Want To Know About The Return Of Cinemas To Saudi In A Few Months


Cinemas are coming back. It’s not a rumor, a hope or a spew off of an imagination. It’s here, and you must’ve known about it. 

What’s the update on cinemas? Well, media licensing regulations are currently being drafted, according to Al Watan. This means all we’re waiting for is for the rules and regulations charter to be issued by the commission, and cinemas will soon be a reality.

But here are 6 other facts you might have missed out on:

1. The first set of cinemas will be in Jeddah’s Red Sea Mall 

Sorry to disappoint the excited lot of you in Riyadh and other cities, but the first set of cinemas will be in Jeddah. The multiplex will include 12-15 screens, according to Saudi Gazette.

2. The mall is already in contact with other cinema pros in GCC

Red Sea Mall’s leasing manager, Waleed Al- Shihry, spoke to Saudi Gazette and told them he was in contact with cinema experts from Bahrain and the UAE to ask to “learn from their experiences.” 

3. It is reported that the cinemas might start operating by March 2018

Get yourselves ready.

4. Jeddah might have the most number of cinemas since it is the largest tourist city 

“There will be five to six movie theaters, but not all will be built inside shopping malls

Waleed Al Shihry, Red Sea Mall Leasing Manager (via SG)

5. There are already a number of movies to be played soon 

The Center for International Communication (CIC) has already planned some films to show in Dammam, as part of the #SaudiCinema grand events.

Check them below: 

6. Other locations where more cinemas will be introduced

For now, it has also been confirmed that Riyadh will open up cinemas in Riyadh Park mall. And in Jeddah, Mall Of Arabia and the Red Sea Mall will entertain you with popcorn and flicks.


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