Dairy Queen Just Reached A Major Milestone In The Kingdom And It’s Exciting


Soft serve ice-creams, mouthwatering burgers, fried chicken like no other – Dairy Queen is that place you go to when you want to indulge in some nostalgic feel-good food.

And if you felt like that there weren’t just enough DQ branches around, worry no more.

Dairy Queen has just expanded by opening one more branch in Riyadh

The new branch is located in EuroMarche (North Mather – Tkhasussi).

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“We are excited to be opening DQ® to serve the people in the nearby areas more effectively,” said Saud AL Mubaddal, General Manager for Al Safwa food, who operates Dairy Queen in Saudi Arabia. “We are excited to welcome our fans to enjoy our full menu.”

*brb gotta go grab a soft serve*

And get this – this is the 20th Dairy Queen outlet to have opened in Saudi Arabia

As of now DQ has branches in Riyadh, Jeddah, Jubail, Khobar and Ahsa – so that 5 cities across the Kingdom where those yummy Blizzard Treats are a hope in the car or a quick call (yes, they deliver!) away.

Also, they plan on opening a number of more branches in Riyadh and Jeddah this year

Expect the full range of their delicious grill items, their famous crispy chicken combos, their wide variety of ice-cream cake and their latest addition, DQ Bakes.

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For delivery call 920001733.


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