Here Are The 10 Fashion Staples You Need For A Timeless Wardrobe

Noha Hatata


Love sustainable fashion that features elegant and timeless pieces? Here Are The 10 Fashion Staples You Need For A Timeless Wardrobe According to this fashion influencer.

@victoria.correiaaa Must haves for starting a wardrobe!! #wardrobestaples #staplepieces #timelesswardrobe #fashiontiktok ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

10. A Good Pair of Denim: 

Get yourself a good quality stylish  pair of denim trousers for everyday wear, they are simply the basic element for each outfit.

Price : AED 166.11

9. A Basic White Tank:

Perfect for layering ! it’s like a fresh blank canvas that may seem simple but stylish, it comes in so many colours too!

Promising Review: “These tank tops look and fit great. The neckline is exactly what I was looking for and I can wear my regular favorite bra with it. The black is very flattering and slimming too.”

Price : AED 79.00

8.A Pair of Black Trousers:

These mid-rise trousers are flexible and so comfy to wear, you can easily dress them up or down according to your preference.

Price : AED 139.01

7. A Classic White Shirt:

To go along with so many outfits, you can mix and match them in unlimited ways and still look gorgeous and elegant.

Price : AED 106.59

6. A Basic White T-shirt:

Such a timeless option, you can style it with a colourful bag and shoes or keep it neutral and minimalist.

Price : AED 91.17

5. A Nice Comfy Sweater:

For when the weather gets colder or when you’re heading to the mall!

Price : AED 140.79


4. A Pair of Denim Shorts: 

Style them with short and long sleeve for a super stylish look.

Promising Review: “Ok these really are the most comfortable jean shorts I have ever tried on! Super duper soft fabric and I love the coloring of them. Lots of stretch to them as well. Its as if you’re not wearing anything. ”

Price : AED 108.00

3. A Smokin’ Slip Dress:

This dress will just look amazing on a date night or as a wedding guest, an important staple piece in your wardrobe!

Price : AED 131.89

2. A Nice Neutral Blazer:

Blazers are all in now and a neutral colour blazer is a must have for a chic wardrobe.

Price : AED 199.55

1. A Sleek Leather Jacket:

Leather jackets will instantly give your outfit and edgy feel and well put together. 

Promising Review: “Lovely fit, I’m a 14 and that’s what I ordered! The silver detailing on it is subtle and very lovely and I absolutely love the pink lining!”

Price : AED 129.31


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