Emirati Astronaut Shares This Incredible Video From Space


Sultan AlNeyadi, the second Emirati astronaut to visit space sharing his first views of Earth from the Cupola Observational Module aboard the ISS and they’re truly amazing.

He tweeted: ‘

The further we journey from Earth, the more we realize just how precious it truly is. Let us cherish and preserve this incredible planet we call home.’

Sultan is embarking on a 6-month mission aboard the ISS, it’s the longest Arab space mission in history in which the engineer/astronaut will conduct 19 scientific experiments, along with giving us a glimps of life aboard a space shuttle.

Read more about his mission here.

Sultan sends a personal salute to the leaders of the UAE

From space, I salute earth.  I salute our homeland and its leaders. I salute all those who carried Zayed’s Ambition in their hearts and aim high to the sky. The dream has come true and now we dream bigger. 

The public are responding and they’re full of praise

That is truly amazing…. so beautiful and you must have so many “goose bump” moments after all the training you went through. How absolutely brilliant.

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