The Speculations Are Over: UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Is Back In Dubai


When someone says a certain Irish athlete is in Dubai, we gotta check it out! Rumours had it that THE Conor Mcgregor is in Dubai… but they weren’t rumours. Last time the UFC fighter was in Dubai was for the McGregor vs. Poirier fight on January 24 in Abu Dhabi.

UFC Fighter Conor McGregor is BACK in Dubai after his against Poirier

UFC Fighter thought we won’t recognise those palm trees?

Conor, we see you, we see those palm trees and Marina skyscrapers

McGregor casually hinted on Instastories that he’s somewhere on the beach. Any Dubai lover would notice the palm trees and the Marina towers in the background. The wink at the end of the story is giving me “guess where I am” vibes.

After a stroll by the beach, UFC Fighter Conor McGregor dines on delish looking Sushi Art

Last time he was here, it was for the UFC fight. Could he be here for a secret project?

McGegor vs Poirier was the second time both were in the Octagon together. It took McGregor two minutes to knock out the underdog. Poirier had promised a two minute knockout but that’s definitely not what happened.

McGregor had an amazing first round but Poirier knocked it out of the park in the second round. Halfway through the second round, the underdog really pulled some serious punches and landed a knock out on McGregor that no one saw coming.

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