Dubai’s Vision To Become The ’20-Minute’ City

20-minute city

On Monday, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai approved phase II of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan including ambitions to become a 20-minute city.

Phase II of the plan consists of several projects under ten key initiatives, including Enhancing Urban Centres, Dubai Real Estate Strategy, Urban Farming Plan, Preserving Urban Heritage Plan, Developing the 20-Minute City Policy, and the Pedestrian Network Master Plan.

“Today, we have a clear vision for the development of Dubai’s urban infrastructure and housing sector until 2040. Our goal is for Dubai to be an eco- and pedestrian-friendly city, and a city with a high yield from urban agriculture.”

Phase 2 of the 2040 Master Plan covers 10 key initiatives

High-yield urban agriculture

The second phase of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan includes a framework for high-yield agriculture and farming by identifying suitable locations and developing the infrastructure and facilities required to ensure food security.

Making urban spaces more attractive

Additionally, a plan will be developed to enhance and utilise urban spaces, such as alleyways, spaces underneath bridges, and squares, by augmenting the elements of well-being to make them attractive and relaxing for residents and visitors.

Developing avenues in residential neighbourhoods

Phase II of the master plan involves developing an avenue for all residential neighbourhoods. It entails defining an area within the residential neighbourhoods and developing it under the principle of integrated street network where facilities and services are focused on catering to the residents’ needs.

The 20-minute city

The master plan also calls for developing a 20-minute city where residents can reach their destinations within a 20-minute timeframe on foot or by bicycle. The project involves developing integrated service centres with all the necessary facilities and increasing the population density around mass transit stations, allowing residents access to 80 % of their daily needs and destinations within 20 minutes.

Read the full urban plan here


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