Missing This Deadline For Health Insurance Means An AED 500 Fine Each Month


UAE residents have until 31st December to get health insurance.

If you don’t have one, keep in mind there are monthly fines of AED 500 from 1st January 2017 onwards. The amount needs to be paid by the sponsor or the resident who is sponsoring dependents – spouses, children, maids, nannies and other domestic help.

Fines are not the only thing to be worried about 

Visas won’t be renewed and new ones won’t be issued without the insurance.

The yearly premium for the basic package ranges from AED 565 to AED 650

Beneficiaries get a maximum coverage of up to AED 150,000. This includes outpatient consultancy at clinics, maternity* health cover, referrals to specialists and for surgical and pathology investigations, emergency visit to hospital and any surgery required as well as medications.

*Women who have become pregnant before or after getting the insurance will be covered for the cost of maternity care.

Dubai Health Authority has listed 50 insurance companies on its website

They offer insurance at different rates. View them here.

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