BEWARE: Don’t Fall For This Fake Promo Scam From LuLu Hypermarket That Is Doing The Rounds On WhatsApp


One of the biggest rules in life to live by is if things look TOO GOOD to be true, they normally are!

Which is why if you’ve been receiving promotional messages from LuLu hypermarket then take heed, it’s a scam.

It’s offering customers redeemable AED500 shopping vouchers to celebrate its 18th anniversary, but LuLu has denied sending these promo messages.

In fact the chain has always encouraged its customers to get in touch with them through any of their social media channels if they receive any such messages in future. 

Spam Alert

“Dear customers, please beware of this message claiming you have won a big cash prize from LuLu as it is not associated with LuLu Hypermarket. 
Winners of LuLu promotions will be contacted through LuLu’s official social media accounts.
Thank you.”

Lulu Photo

According to Gulf News, LuLu will now take legal action against the people involved in the scam. 

“We have come to know about some incidents of attempted frauds in the name of Lulu, where the callers have identified themselves as calling on behalf of Lulu and tried to obtain certain personal and financial information of the persons, including their bank account and bank card details with the intent of defrauding them with false news of winning a prize or with some offers at Lulu”

This is not the first time fraudsters have targeted LuLu. Back in February, messages about people winning AED200,000 in vouchers were doing the rounds. 


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