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Soon You'll Be Able To Order Food Right From Your Jet Ski In Dubai

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FINALLY, an answer for all the hungry jet skiers out there.

Floating kitchens are about to pop up on the shores of Dubai, meaning if you get peckish while out on the water, you can simply visit one of these pods and order some grub.

The concept was created by Aqua Pod, with the aim to create a food truck for the sea. So rather than approaching these by foot, you'll need a marine vehicle or if you're on a boat, a jet ski service will come to you.

You can expect lots of burgers on the menu for now... 

But if the project expands, the menu will expand with it.

It will look a little something like this

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You can order food in a couple of different ways

A jet ski belonging to Aqua Pod will visit nearby yachts and offer a flag. If the yacht wants to make an order, they raise the flag and the jet ski will return, take the order and eventually deliver the food.

The second option lets customers drive up to the Aqua Pod and make an order there.

The aqua pods are capable of relocating, so can move depending on demand. Expect popular beach areas including Al Sufouh and Kite Beach to be the first stop for these aqua vehicles.

You can check out more of their designs here.

Do we need it though?

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