Dubai’s Roads Have Just Got 28 New Smart Radars And They’re Capable Of Catching ALL Sorts Of Violations


The police have been noticing that drivers have been committing dangerous violations at intersections and this is their response: 28 new smart radars.

The new radars installed at key intersections in the city catch all sorts of traffic violations. We’re talking everything from aggressive driving behaviour at intersections to not stopping at the red signal and even making sudden turns or U-turns from non-designated areas, in addition to yellow box violations, dangerous overtaking and speeding.

Damascus Street and Haleb Street are just two of many spots that have these new radars. The system catches drivers even before they enter the signal zone at an intersection because it can monitor the speed of the car from a distance and determine whether an offence has taken place. Plus, it can record a video of the offence within 10 seconds.

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