8 Things That Could Get You In Trouble With The Police This National Day


It’s National Day on 2nd December and we’re just as excited as you are about the long weekend that’s coming up.

That’s the time everyone displays their patriotic side. Instagram pictures with the flag in hand, t-shirts saying ‘I love UAE’, wrist bands, UAE cupcakes and car parades are seen during the celebrations. But motorists have been warned by police to obey road rules during the celebrations.

So for those of you who generally head out to Jumeirah Beach Road or on 2nd December Street, this is what you should know:

1. Do not modify engines

Nobody fancies those loud sounds.

2. Do not use spray cans

Not on passers-by; not on other cars.

3. Do not place flags at the rear of the vehicle

It is disrespectful.

4. Do not park on the main road

This also means no stopping at bus or taxi stands.

5. Do not overcrowd the vehicle with passengers

It’s not a can of sardines.

6. Do not change the colour of the vehicle

No experimenting with colours on that weekend.

7. Do not hide front or back number plates

They should be visible at all times.

8. Do not sit on the roof, bonnet or back of a moving car or stick your head out

The cars have seats for a reason.


Violation of regulations will be deemed a traffic violation and will incur penalties.

Image credit: mohdadilkk

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