A Dubai Resident Was Shocked To See A Delivery Rider Got One Tip For 23 Orders

Farah Makhlouf

Tipping culture is being emphasized across the world, particularly in the United States as service industry folks began shedding light on the topic online. Using TikTok videos, people working in the service industry like hairdressing or waitressing are sharing their thoughts on why people should tip. It’s no secret that service industry staff earn a smaller salary and use tips to get by. Tips are crucial to some!

While the 20% tip rule isn’t as widely popular in the UAE as it is in the U.S., leaving any amount is appreciated.

A customer was ordering online when she noticed that her assigned rider earned 1 tip out of 23 orders in a span of 48 hours


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That seems like very bad odds, right? The case may be that people aren’t tipping or they’re simply paying in cash upon delivery.

Some local delivery apps inform customers that 100% of the tips will be given to the rider; however, if you prefer to pay that in cash, that’s also completely fine!

The delivery apps also offer customers the option to add a standard or custom tip which is very useful if you’re out of cash or you’re opting for an online transaction.

There also seems to be a misunderstanding as to what the delivery fee is for…

Delivery fees, be it AED3 or AED9 (if the place is far away), is purely to cover the cost of the bike used to deliver the order. The bike means petrol cost, maintenance, service and a lot of other hidden costs. The delivery fee is not tips given to the driver as many may think.

So if you want to go the extra mile and show your appreciation for the rider, consider giving them a tip, but remember, it’s completely at your discretion!


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