A Large Supermarket In Dubai Has Started Charging For Reusable Plastic Bags


Note: This story has been updated following clarifications. Carrefour does not charge for regular plastic bags but does so for reusable plastic bags at varied costs. 

One of the largest supermarkets in Dubai, Carrefour, has started implementing charges for varied alternatives to normal plastic bags.

So normal plastic bags are still free, but customers are given the option to purchase either the AED0.50 for a reusable plastic bag, a woven plastic reusable bag for AED2.5, a foldable canvas bag for AED9.5 and a heavy-duty juco bag for AED10. 

Carrefour Group announced earlier this year that it would be committed to reducing plastic pollution at the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, by signing the national pact for phasing out plastic packaging by 2025.

Around the world on an annual basis, between 8 and 12 million tonnes of plastic gets in the oceans- immediately calling for change. So what better corporation to start this than supermarket chains?

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Perhaps this will influence shoppers and other supermarket chains to follow suit

A writer at Lovin Dubai witnessed this change on Friday, August 30, after being charged 0.50 fils for a reusable plastic bag, and was encouraged by a Carrefour staff to remember to bring their own reusable bag next time.

Seems like a pretty effective method to get people to consciously think of their actions.


Some Carrefour chains have also added reusable bags in the veggies and fruits section

Major applause for this!


Carrefour has always encouraged all customers to re-evaluate their use of single-use plastic bags

…and opt for more sustainable alternatives.

Spinney’s also announced a similar initiative to reduce the use of plastic bags this year

…but people have spotted the return on some plastic packaging in recent months.

If ALL supermarket chains started charging a higher price for plastic bags, would this make you consider bringing your own reusable bag?

Let us know in the comments section.


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