An Emirates Hostess Tested The Apple Vision Pro On A Flight And The Video Went Viral

Farah Makhlouf

The Apple Vision Pro has been seen and tested everywhere. It’s the new gizmo everyone wants to get their hands on. It’s sleek, modern, ultra-futuristic and tech enthusiasts love it! so far. One man even took it on a plane and filmed the experience for his social media channels. An air hostess saw it and couldn’t help but ask him for his opinion on the new gadget.

The Emirates air hostess tested out the Vision Pro and the video went super viral, racking up 23.1 million views (and counting)

He offered her to give it a spin and she LOVED it! The video is quickly racking up views ever since it hit the internet. It’s mostly because it shows the kind interaction between a cabin crew and a passenger on this business class zone of the plane.

The first one spotted in the UAE was in the hands of HH Sheikh Hamdan and his friends

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