Dubai Municipality Has Announced A Competition Wherein Residents Can Grow Their Own Food


If you’ve always wanted to grow your own fruits and veggies but didn’t get down to doing it…now’s the time! Dubai Municipality’s latest initiative ‘Grow Your Food’ is enough reason to put on those gardening gloves.

You don’t need a fancy backyard for this. Residents are being encouraged to grow veggies and herbs in any space they can get – think your balcony, rooftop or even parking lot. There are four categories for the competition: residents, centres for people with special needs, educational institutions and government and private companies. Register at one of these locations to be a part of it. 

How does it work?

It’s very simple. A technical team tells you how to cultivate land and also shares tips on eradicating pests and diseases. You will then be given around two to three months to set up your garden and send photos of the produce. At the end, a jury will inspect the sites and choose a winner from each category. 

A video from last year’s campaign


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