Dubai Ranks #3 Among The Best Cities For Expats To Live In

Dubai Ranks #3 Among The Best Cities For Expats To Live In

There’s probably no other city more diverse than Dubai! It’s become home to expats. It’s safe, it’s welcoming, there’s plenty to do, offers a great quality of life.

A study was conducted by InterNations that looks into the best and worst cities for expats to live in (2021) and of course, our beloved city ranked pretty high up! If you’re ever thinking of moving to Dubai or to any other city, check out this list!

Dubai ranked #3 among the best cities for expats because of its simplicity in settling in!

Dubai makes it easy for expats to get settled

It’s honestly so true based on most people’s experience when they first move to Dubai! Everyone finds it relatively easy to settle in as opposed to other countries.

Kuala Lumpur and Málaga top the list for the best cities for expats and Dubai takes the cake when it comes to settling. It places 6th in the Getting Settled Index. There are almost no language barriers with 94% of respondents said they find it easy to live in Dubai without speaking Arabic!

81% described the local people as friendly towards foreign residents and 70% said it’s easy to get used to the local culture. The above-average quality of life is also an awesome added benefit of living in Dubai. It’s also very safe, especially for women!

86% stated that housing for expats is easy to find, although it’s not affordable. 57% said they moved to Dubai for work-related reasons and rated it high globally on local economy and career opportunities. But respondents did rate Dubai low in work-life balance and job security.

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