There Is A Rave Taking Place At 6am Tomorrow In Dubai But It’s Not What You Think


There’s enough you can do in Dubai each evening or night, but what if we tell you there’s something you can do in the morning that’s just as exciting? And it won’t disrupt your work schedule.

Let’s introduce you to Dawn Riders. You can thank us later!

This ‘morning routine’ is something you’re going to love for more reasons than one. It’s fun, it gets your energy levels up and it’s got food and music.

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It’s literally a morning rave. It starts at 6am…

The trend started in East London in 2014 and has been described as a ‘new way to start the day’. Think part exercise, part mass party.

The schedule is pretty straightforward…

6am – DJ Flipside gets the party started

6.30am – Hana kicks off a deep house yoga session

7.15am – Laura Lopez takes to the mic

8am – Dig in to some healthy bites, sip on coffee and juice

And then you’re off to work…


The event takes place at Warehouse 4 at Al Quoz tomorrow…

Note: spots for this event are limited. You can make a reservation here.


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