Dubai Taxi Drivers Now Have To Pass This Test Before Getting A Job


Following similar procedures in the UK and Singapore, the Road and Traffic Authority is undertaking new measures to ensure a top quality taxi service in the city.

Applicants for positions will initially complete an aptitude test in their home country before a round of two tests once they reach the Emirate. Approximately 5,000 drivers apply for driving positions each year, and they will all now face two exams; the first focuses on listening and reading and the second focuses on the applicants customer service and problem solving skills.

Successful candidates will undergo 22 days training course in Dubai. 

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Pic credit: Faras Ghani / Al Jazeera

This is a move to improve customer service

This is a move by the RTA to raise the standard of service for customers, as new drivers will need a basic level of English and personable skills before being considered for employment. 

“These aspects will be part of the basic procedures of selecting taxi drivers. Afterwards behavioural interviews will be made comprising five questions derived from the above-mentioned standards of service.”

Dr Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of Public Transport Agency at the RTA

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