Residents In Motor City Are Questioning The Rationale Behind A New Mall’s Parking Rates Without Free Hours


A new mall in Motorcity is charging for parking, without free hours and it has caught the attention of residents who have compared it to airport level rates.

Local comedian and Dubai resident, Salman Qureshi, was stunned after noticing the AED30 parking free at First Avenue Mall in Motorcity recently.

He asked about the deciding factor that lead to this- curious to know the insights on the mall’s parking

“Do people just pay these amounts?”

“So to visit a mall, you now need to pay AED30”

“So 3 hours of shopping in a mall will come with AED90 parking”

“I thought it was free if you shop or dine there.”

Online discussions suggest that it could have two hours free at start but we’re still awaiting official confirmation from the mall.


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