This Documentary Captures A Group Of Athletes Who Ran 350km Across The 7 Emirates In 7 Days

Farah Makhlouf

This is more than a physical challenge… the willpower, internal strength and determination needed to take on such a challenge is unmeasurable. A group of athletes decided to put their bodies and their minds to the test with the 777 challenge.

Athletes always want to beat their own records. They want to run faster, for longer, and the 777 challenge is no easy task. It’s what you call an ultramarathon – 350 kilometres run over 7 days.

This group of athletes ran 350kms, 7 ultramarathons, across the 7 Emirates and there’s a documentary the captures the intense journey that you have to watch!

This ultramarathon was more than just a physical test of the human body – it tested the strength of the mind just as much, as they described. On the first day, they felt pumped with adrenaline, adding kilometre after kilometre in Abu Dhabi. That day was unlike any other in the UAE because sunny Abu Dhabi was gloomy, stormy and thundering!

Rain or shine, these guys ran through 50 km to the finish line. But by day 3, things started to take a turn. The guys’ previous injuries and pain spots started to take a toll again.

They needed to think happy thoughts to get them through this feat. However, knowing they were each struggling with something, made it easier because there’s comfort in that – knowing others are going through the same thing.

The documentary is a must-watch and might be the inspiration you need!


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