Covid-19: People Are Avoiding Handshakes And This ‘Footshake’ Explainer Has 33.5 Million Views


The UAE’s Ministry for Health and Prevention has reminded people that for your own safety, you should avoid direct contact with others, in particular cheek and nose greetings, shaking hands, kissing and hugging.

This is sound advice, as the Covid-19 virus continues to spread. But as life carries on, how do you greet someone in public without appearing rude… when our brains are pretty much programmed to do a handshake or a kiss on both cheeks?

The answer? The footshake!

And take note. This is a legit video. Created by The UN’s food and agricultural verified account, it has a whopping 33.5 MILLION views on TikTok.

Footshaking and elbow pops are the name of the game

@faoInstead of doing the classic handshake try these alternatives to help prevent the spread of ##coronavirus. ##covid19 ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ NANANA – __liene__



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