Updated Mall Guidelines: Restrictions On Sales Have Been Lifted


A circular issued to wholesaler and retail traders on Monday outlined updated protocols, which must be maintained, along with original guidelines previously shared.

During Ramadan, malls are permitted to open for 10 hours (12pm to 10pm), post-Ramadan, malls can return to regular working hours, but must follow Federal Government curfew guidelines.

75% of car parks must remain closed and malls must continue to operate at 30% capacity. Take-away for f&b is encouraged, food courts and lifts must not exceed 30% capacity.

Amid the gradual reopening of businesses, the need to practice social distancing remains strong. Dubai residents are reminded to wear face masks, maintain a safe distance, avoid direct contact and as always, remember to disinfect surfaces, avoid touching doors, telephones, and light switches, as well as to regularly wash hands with water and soap.

No refund policy and restrictions on sales have been lifted

The “No Refund/Return Policy” restriction has been removed, conditional to make item sanitization and set aside for 24 hours before being sent or used by another customer, according to the circular.

Restrictions on sales have been lifted. Changing rooms and fitting rooms can be open under the following restrictions:

  • Customers must wear masks all the time
  • Each customer can try up to 5 items only in the store
  • Customers to spend a maximum of 10 minutes in the fitting room
  • Returned items not to be put back on the shelves or used by other customers, they must be put aside by the retailer for 24 hours
  • Continuous sterilization of the fitting rooms to be performed

Kids under 12 years and adults above 60 are still not permitted to enter the mall

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