Sterilisation Programme Complete: Lockdown Lifted Across All Emirates


On Wednesday night, The National Emergency Crisis & Disaster Management Authority announced the end of the National Sterilisation Programme.

This means lockdown has been lifted. Free movement all day and night is permitted, however, residents are still urged to follow precautionary measures including wearing masks and social distancing to continue to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Kids under 12 in all emirates can enter malls and restaurants, adults over 60 and people with chronic illnesses are still not permitted

The 3 person per car limit still applies (with the exception of families)

There are still limitations in place, including the 3 people per car rule and you’re still required to wear a mask in the car if there is more than one person. The public is urged to continue to practice social distancing.

The entry ban to Abu Dhabi remains in place, except for pre-exempted categories

LISTEN: The UAE Has Launched A World-First Phase 3 Clinical Trial Vaccine For COVID-19

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READ: Emirates Suspends Inbound Flights From Pakistan After Registering Multiple COVID-19 Cases Amidst Passengers

Emirates airline has suspended ALL inbound expat flights from Pakistan with immediate effect from Wednesday, June 24.

However, outbound repatriation flights from the UAE back to Pakistan will continue to operate as normal.

This decision has been attributed to accounts of COVID-19 positive passengers flying on Emirates to Hong Kong on Saturday. Recent reports claim that the COIVD-19 cases ‘were all returnees from Pakistan’

DHA is reminding all Dubai citizens and returning residents to treat wearing a face mask at all times as the NEW normal!

If you’ve run out of disposable masks or are looking for quality reusable masks (to avoid being fined AED 3000) then check these out:

1. A pack of 50 three-layer disposable medical face masks for AED 37.96.

2. Advance reusable face mask, suitable for when you go running or cycling for AED 122.00.

3. Pack of 8 adjustable and slightly more affordable reusable face masks with breathing filters and earloops, for AED 70.00.

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