These 2 Snaps Show The Vast Difference Between UK And UAE Supermarkets RN


Keep calm and carry on, that seems to be the general consensus here in the UAE amid COVID-19 fears.

Reports of toilet paper shortages in the UK, the US and Australia are everywhere, with footage of people clamouring for the last remaining packages, in some cases running with supermarket trolleys and in one shocking video, there’s an actual fistfight taking place in the centre of a supermarket aisle.

While here in the UAE, for the most part. Loo roll is in plentiful supply.

Context: Internationally, there has been a rush on toilet paper as people fear it may run out

In Dubai, people haven’t jumped on that particular bandwagon just yet

Krysia McKechnie shared two contrasting images on Twitter, one from a supermarket in the UK and one snapped recently here in Dubai. Sure, people might be stocking up on the essentials (sanitizers, Dettol, flu meds) but the senseless hoarding of toilet paper (how much does one family even need?!) has not taken over here.

Do the people stocking up know something we don’t?

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