Paolo Mangilinan Is SWIMMING 10km A DAY For 30 Days


Lovin Dubai is a proud media partner of Dubai Fitness Challenge 2020 – From October 30 to November 28.

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people across the city have started the Dubai Fitness Challenge, but not many are pushing the limits as much as Paolo Mangilinan.

The Dubai resident has vowed to SWIM 10km a day for 30 days… and that’s no easy task.

Seven days in, he has completed a whopping 70km of swimming along the Jumeirah coast. He’s sleeping between 8 and 11 hours a day and despite a tightness in his shoulder, he’s feeling good!

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“The shoulder is getting tight. But making sure doing lots of stretches + massage to make sure to get ready for the next day”

What Dubai community is doing for Dubai Fitness Challenge is truly extraordinary, you can follow Pablo’s updates and times here

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Is it a fish, is it a dolphin? No, it’s Paolo Mangilinan


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The swim takes approximately two and a half hours each day, depending on conditions and Pablo is joined mostly by a solitary kayak

He tracks his route daily and you can keep up with his progress right here @PaoloMangilinan

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