8 Heartfelt Verses From HH Sheikh Hamdan’s Poems That Will Warm Your Heart


HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, the king of Instagram, the ruler of Snapchat and the father of all things fitness is also a proud writer of some of the most impassioned poetry. 

If you ever wondered why he is fondly called Fazza, it’s because when he first started writing Nabati poetry (which is a local form of Arabic), he published under the pen name ‘Fazza’ as an ode to a legendary Arab knight. 

So we thought it’s fitting to talk about the translation of the beautiful verses from some of his many heart-rending poems. 

1. To My Mother

Oh candle and light of our house
Oh mother, with yearning, I am burning

If my verses are not enough
My sighs show my yearning

She lends her fragrance to the breeze
Scented flowers are green with envy

2.The Distance

Please, think twice about our love before it fades away,
I’m afraid after the long distance, it will be hard to come back,

Tell me, what is the point of being separated…
We will die for each other since we are still alive.

3. Brother

I defeat my sorrow in front of people,
Who assume my heart is a rock,

And whenever I’m all alone, 
I feel the burn, in every side of my heart

4. Nature of the Soul

My poems have meaning written with intuition
I write my poems aware and observant

My poems are not empty and a waste of my time
They become more valuable with the passing of time

5. Four Seasons

I hope for the sunrise
And wait for the sun to shine so I can breathe

When the night comes, I hold the light between my ribs
Your soul passes through me along with the night
And it engulfs my body

6. Farewell Day

If you see me upset and crying, 
Don’t feel sad for me and don’t wonder about the reason.

I’m just training my eyes, to be ready,
For the farewell day.

7. First Love

Keep going, don’t worry about me,
It doesn’t matter to me anymore,
I sing for your disappearance and my heart is dancing to it.

Before, you were always in my thoughts…
Now you’re not even allowed to come by.

8. Eternal Light

They asked me for the meaning of true love,
Is it more beautiful than a soaring
white dove?

Is it more magical than the Eiffel Tower in the midst of the night,
in true awe inspiring power?

Is it stronger than the might of a mountain?
Is it more romantic than a red lit fountain?

I smile and nod and say you are right,
Love is that true eternal light.

Translation credit: Fazzapoems


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