17 Amazing pictures of ‘Dubai Behind The Scenes’


When people think of Dubai, it’s all skyscrapers, malls and luxury resorts, right? Well, Dubai photographer, Jalal Abuthina is trying to give us another perspective on the great city that we call home. 

Jalal, who moved here in 1993, has been taking pictures of the ‘lesser publicised’ areas of Dubai for years and now some of his beautiful pictures will be available in a expertly-curated book. ‘Dubai Behind the Scenes’ (DBTS) is an in-depth photographic journey through the streets of Dubai’s original downtown areas of Deira, Bur Dubai, and Karama.

“I think for anyone from here or who has spent time growing up here, the “alternative” side to Dubai is what is actually considered the normal and the everyday,” Jalal told LovinDubai. “The city’s sights are set on being a global business hub and tourist destination, the everyday and normal doesn’t always adhere to what is considered to be commercially viable or worth celebrating. But that has started to change recently as more people from here or who grew up here are starting to provide their own take on things and provide counter narratives to the city’s overt commercial representation, which I think is really timely and interesting.”

Jalal’s book is available at Books Kinokuniya, Dubai Mall.

In the meantime, here’s some of his amazing pictures for you to enjoy…

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