Is History Really About To Be Made In Dubai?


Dubai Future Accelerators program has been announced. They likes of Honeywell and Huawei have been selected along with an American company called Hyperloop One. It’s for an intensive 12 week program ‘that pairs top companies and cutting-edge entrepreneurs with government and corporate partners in Dubai to create breakthrough solutions on a city-wide, regional and global scale. ‘ 

Wait a second, did you say Hyperloop?

Like, the mode of transport that would go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 10 minutes? We’ve seen this type of project all over the world, it’s been muted in San Francesco, even with our sister site in Manchester. But, it’s very likely that it will happen in Dubai first

‘These next 12 weeks will change everything’ – Bruce Upbin, Hyperloop One

‘We’re going to show the RTA and government exactly how a Hyperloop One network will reduce congestion in Dubai by 20% and emissions by 30%’

These guys are not messing about. They have than $100 million and the team is now surpassing 180 people in three locations, and have brought senior team members on location to Dubai to give this there best shot. It’s unclear what will happen in 12 weeks time, however, the objective is to have the first Hyperloop in Dubai. Fingers cross they can ultimately make this happen. 


This is what the Hyperloop looks like


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