Sheikh Hamdan Just Travelled With Sheikh Mohammed On The London Underground And Instagram Has Erupted


It’s not a secret that the Dubai Royal family spend time in London during the Summer. Often attending the big race meetings and you would be forgiven for assuming that they may have chauffeur driven transport. However, when Sheikh Hamdan posting a photo of him and Sheikh Mohammed on the London Tube Instagram, it took everyone by surprise. Most expressing awe on the humility of the photo. 

To get a sense of how viral this photo has gone, just check out the #LondonUnderground hashtag on Instagram. We have seen Sheikh Mohammed take the Dubai Metro before, but the London Underground. It’s almost hard to believe! At a time when Europe is at heighten security alert, and in a month that an Emirati was falsely arrested while traveling abroad, we can only applaud this act by the Dubai Royal Family. Although probably unintended, it is a sign of solidarity and an indication that normal life can prevail. 

This photo on Instagram has has 100k likes in two hours

Casually riding along on the Central Line…

Here they are getting on the tube: “Mind the gap”

In conversation..

What’s the next stop..

Some of the thousands of positive comments…

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