This Dubai Man Was Jailed For Posting A Picture With A Police Officer On Instagram


A man posted an image to his Instagram depicting a man in a police uniform. The image caption stated that the man was offering him services of a sexual nature. The man, 29-year-old Filipino, blackmailed the police officer for a sum of AED 8,000 to not post the picture. The Dubai Criminal Court charged the Filipino man of threatening and defaming the police officer and he is now serving a two-year sentence. The officer said that he was friends with the man prior to the incident and was propositioned by him to be his lover if he did not pay. It was not until the officer was contacted by friends about the Instagram post that he realised that the image was live. 

“I told them it was not me who posted them and I headed to the police station to report the matter,” 

The Police Officer

The Filipino man will be deported after serving his sentence.


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