The UAE Becomes First Country In The World To Perform More Number Of Tests Than The Total Population


There is chaos everywhere around the world and countries are trying their best to up their testing and deal with the pandemic. Amidst all of this chaos, the UAE just raised the bar once more.

It has now become the only country in the world to have conducted more COVID-19 tests (since the pandemic started) than the actual population.

As per health authorities, the UAE has now managed to conduct a whopping 10 million Coronavirus tests

Out of these 10 million tests, over 700,000 of them were performed in the last seven days alone.

That’s not where the list of high standards end, the UAE also reported a rise in recoveries. While the death rate also saw a slight increase, the ratio of deaths to the total number of cases still remains to be one of the lowest in the world for the month of September.

The official spokesperson for the UAE government, Dr. Omar Abdulrahman Al Hammadi also mentioned the importance of seasonal flu vaccines and preventive measures that should be taken by the volunteers who are coming in for the trial vaccine.

NCEMA stressed on the same in a series of tweets

The latest numbers of COVID related cases in the country show a total of more than 900,000 recoveries

Face masks and social distancing still remain vital to the country and hopefully, the Coronavirus days will be behind everyone soon!

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