A Documentary Of An Epic Moment In UAE’s Sporting History Will Hit Cinemas This Weekend


Nobody expected the UAE to make it to the 1990 World Cup finals and they did.

Image Nation Abu Dhabi’s documentary The Lights of Rome is an account of that very moment. Directed by UAE-based sports journalist Ali Khalid, the film follows the true underdog story of how the UAE national football team pulled off a near-miracle by qualifying for the World Cup in Italy. It has been produced by award-winning documentary filmmaker Stevan Riley.

Expect interviews with the country’s football legends Ali Thani, Abdulrahman Al-Haddad and Khalid Ismaïl (the guy who scored the legendary goal against West Germany) and many other players in this documentary.

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You can watch it from 1st December

It will play at the following cinemas for one week:

VOX Cinemas: 

Cineplex Grand Hyatt

Reel Cinemas

The Dubai Mall

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