10 Things You Didn’t Know About A Burkini


In light of the recent Burkini incident in France where a lady was forced to remove her Burkini on a public beach, we ask Manal Rostom, a Hijabi wearing Dubai resident. Manal is also a triathlete and races competitively wearing a Burkini. In her words, here are 10 things you may not have known about Burkini’s.

1.     They are expensive ok?? 

They cost probably just as much as any posh bikini costs. ok? ok.

2. We ( speaking on behalf of world wide Hijabis here yes i’m generalizing ) HATE them. 

So how come you wear them? Well, sweetheart, how else am I supposed to swim in the Sea or the water if I’m veiled and could have been (personally) a mermaid in another time? I am not joking, my reason would be I really love the water, I live near water, I have Mediterranean Genes, I grew up near water, I am water! Do not take away my right to swim in the sea

3.     They don’t have to be Black!!! 

Really, then how come everyone else is always in black – that’s just the brand. Maybe coz it’s less revealing, yeah I’m not supposed to show off all the time I put in the gym working on my glutes or abs but it is what it is. I don’t personally wear Black. I buy surfing gear but I end up looking like I am in a burkini anyway so – you get it. Not always black no.

4.  All women are embarrassed to swim in them. 

Yes we feel subconscious, we feel your eyes piercing our shoulder blades as we get in the water and personally sometimes I wish I could just disappear as soon as I get into the water. Can you please stop staring if you ever see a Burkini?Thank you. Appreciate it.

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5.  Inside every Burkini Babe…

…is a Bikini babe *dying* to show off her figure, swim with her hair in public just like everyone else. Some have to do it because they are out at the beach with their Kids and Hubby.  Some are out with friends and need to just hang out in a public beach.

6. Sometimes we have a  ” I feel like I am a water seal today ” day. 

True story. And that’s not  a cool feeling. Just saying. Who wants to be a water seal. Right? I know

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7. Despite the fact we take measures to do everything…

…we can to just get out there and be a part of community, most Islamic scholars and some might call them  extremists will still view the Burkini as non-shar’ia compliant due to its extreme body hugging shape & form. But seriously – picture this – you’re on the beach, there’s a girl in her bikini, and then I walk by.

Why would you even look at me?! Even If it’s too tight – I look like a water seal, bro. Stop staring.

8. Ok on a more serious note. Do you ever triathlon? 

I triathlon in my 5 piece Burkini Suit. The full sprint triathlon. Why 5 pieces well I ‘ll lay them down for you. Remember the underneath every Burkini there’s a bikini? Well there is . That’s 2. Then pants and top. 4. Head gear. 5. Having said that, it actually saves me about 5 minutes in T1. That’s transition station number 1 when you come out of the water and put on my cycling shoes to jump on my bike. That’s 5 minutes shaved off my finishing time. I’ll take that.


9.     In Egypt, where I am from, we are sometimes “banned” from swimming in posh Hotel resorts as it’s perceived as unhygienic. 

Seriously, what? I spend 500 aed on my burkini to be banned from swimming in a Posh resort? And women in bikinis look down at us as this is not a “burkini – friendly” venue because it “offends” the overall view. Ok that’s harsh and unacceptable. I am lucky not to have ever gone through that while in Egypt but I actually vowed if I did, I would make a big fat deal about it because this is not ok.

10. Women who Burkini don’t like to be judged. 

There’s a whole personality, character and charm underneath that ugly looking thing. That serves its purpose :/ so until someone invents a cooler looking burkini- hold up.

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