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Happy International Day of Happiness

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Happy International Day of Happiness to you all! 

The day is an official UN day founded in 2012, it “recognises the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal”.

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave, you’ll already know all about how the UAE government has sworn in a new Minister of State for Happiness

The job has been handed to 22-year-old, Ohood Al Roumi and we think it’s probably one of the best jobs EVER! A person whose sole purpose at work is dedicated to improving the happiness of UAE citizens…sounds like a tonne of fun right? 

If WE were offered the job (sorry boss, we’d be gone in a flash) what would we do to improve happiness levels around here? These are a few of the changes we think would make a lot of UAE citizens VERY happy…

**What would you do if YOU were the new Minister for Happiness? From over-the-top transformations to tiny changes, we’d love to hear what differences you would like to see; let us know in the comments…OR tag a friend you think would be perfect for the role.

1. Build a tunnel under Sheikh Zayed to ease traffic (an obvious one to start)

One major complaint a lot of Dubaites have? The traffic is an ABSOLUTE joke at times. We propose tunneling under the SZ highway; (that wouldn’t cause too much disruption would it?) easing traffic would definitely turn a lot of frowns upside down! (Oh and while they’re at it; a tunnel beneath the Marina might be a great shout too?…We’re problem solvers, we are).

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2. Every workplace would have a MANDATORY half-day on the third Thursday of every month

Look, people need to work. If we didn’t work, we wouldn’t have any money to spend which would hurt business and the economy and Blah Blah Blah. Anyway work is fine…BUT one little half-day every month couldn’t hurt, could it? 


3. Declare a ‘National Cheese Manakish Day’

If you’ve never tried one before, (you’re seriously missing out) get yourself out to one of these spots and get one of these bad boys into you. Fresh dough, loaded with deliciously salty cheese, these cheeky pastries could end wars. ‘National Cheese Manakish Day’ may include but not be limited to one free manakish for all, a ‘best manakish in Dubai’ championship and an all-you-can-eat manakish competition…Count us in. 

Screenshot 2016 02 17 At 5 37 39 Pm

4. Have Sheikh Hamdan make some social calls (if he’s willing, of course)

We want to talk politics! Just kidding….We at the Lovin’ office LOVE Sheikh Hamdan, and although we follow his Snapchat daily, (you can find him at Faz3) sometimes that just ain’t enough. A little more public interaction from Fazza would put smiles on a lot of faces. 

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Giphy 23

5. Introduce a strict ‘No Hoverboards’ policy

Okay, so the Government might be a step ahead of us with this one; since hoverboards have just recently been banned in public places (JLT is still full of people on them!), BUT we think they should go the distance and ban them completely. They were cool for about a second but now they’re just annoying…bring back scooters and rollerblades!


6. Introduce a new: ‘Spinneys every 500 meters’ law

Spinneys has ALL of the comfort food you could ask for, coupled with fresh produce and lots of goodies (and veggie sausages) you can’t get anywhere else (apart from back home). Who WOULDN’T want a Spinneys within walking distance?

Tumblr Ltx5Gok Xl91Qa1Rao

7. Hire a team of experts entrusted with the task of sorting out the Etisalat admin

Seriously, has anyone else been stuck on the phone with Etisalat for ridiculous lengths of time and eventually, after much time wasting, whatever query you have is not resolved? Here at the Lovin’ office we’ve been left seriously frustrated with our social network providers, (sorry Du, that means you too) but we feel a bit of effort in their communications department could sort these problems out pretty sharpish. Definitely a case for the Minister.


8. Announce a day off for each leap year

A leap year comes around once every four years (when an additional day is added to the calendar) and there just so happens to be one at the end of this month. Surely a day off on a day that barley even counts on the calendar only makes sense? Try this out on your boss; let us know the outcome…(We tried it; we’re still waiting to hear back).

Tumblr Mlzrn8K61 V1Spyaaio1 500

9. Totally cover the entire Burj Khalifa in bubble wrap

On the last Monday of every January, (that’s Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day dontcha know?) the Burj Khalifa should get totally covered in bubble wrap. The satisfying sensation of popping bubble wrap is a known stress reliever so we reckon this is a fast way of relieving the stress of a whole city. It would be like a giant stress ball, only waaayyyyyyyy more satisfying. 

*Apologies would be sent to anyone living in the Burj…but let’s face it, they probably have it pretty good so they can take one for the team.

Mature O 554783

10. Have a gigantic puppy emporium where people can go and just hang out with puppies

We know there’s a Cat Cafe here but that’s HARDLY the same thing now is it? No, this will be like a big puppy paradise, where the puppies will roam free across green meadows but where visitors can come cuddle, and play and just soak up all of the cuteness.

Screenshot 2016 02 17 At 4 41 08 Pm

11. Make the entire Cheesecake Factory menu calorie-free

Screw the Cheesecake Skinnylicious menu, we want the good stuff! Can this even be done? We’re not sure, but we trust in our new Minister to investigate.


12. Offer any family we have abroad an annual return flight to Dubai

Most of us have families in other parts of the world so how good would it be to get them here to show them around? And all those extra people holidaying here would probably be great for the economy…Sounds like a win-win to us!

200 S 11

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