12 Thoughts We’ve All Had About Dubai Metro According To Reddit Users


A Metro that looks like something out of the future, (Futurama fans are always suitably impressed) a quick scour of Reddit reveals thoughts you’ve all had about our impressive automated transport system. Some hugely positive…others, less so. Got any to add? Let us know in the comments.

1. “Why is it not straight?” – CerealK

How have we never noticed this?!

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2. “Are the trains robotic or human operated?” – deleted account

Good question bro


3. “Slowest subway ever…” cherif84

Meh….very debatable point @cherif84

Download 91

4. “The design of the metro stations in Dubai is based on the concept of the shell and the pearl. Dubai was the centre of trade for pearls” – designfra

For anyone interested in a little bit of history…

Screenshot 2016 07 16 At 11 48 14 Am

Insta cred: mwarv

5. “I wish the US had more transit like this’ – takeshita_kenji

You’re not the only one.

Screenshot 2016 07 16 At 11 53 33 Am

6. “They look a bit like cockroaches from above” – cito-cy

You must be the first to know when it rains, city-cy.

Screenshot 2016 07 16 At 11 16 02 Am

Insta cred: unuskhan4707

7. “The Metro in Dubai is so safe, I would let my 6 year old use it alone (only if I had one)” – Java_Beans

Good recommendation!

8. “It’s probably the best maintained and most reliable in the world.” – CaptainMoonchild

Hear hear! @CaptainMoonchild!

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9. “It’s like a 20 minute walk to the mall from the train station in that tube and it’s awful when you have to pee” – deleted user

Let’s be honest…we’ve ALL been there

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10.”Looks like a brighter version of a battlefield 3 map loading screen” – Xoais

11. “Looks like freaking Bladerunner” – Bugloaf

12. “That looks like somewhere Astro Boy would live” – moopersoup

I think we’ve noticed a trend here…

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