14 Things That Have The Power To Ruin Your Thursday Night In Dubai


Thursday night is hands down the best night of the week.

Why won’t it be? You’re done with work for that week, there’s no waking up early the following morning, it’s going to be two whole days before you see your ‘lovely’ colleagues again and it’s the night where you can just have fun!

But getting in the way of you and your fun are these 14 things:

1. The bouncer who won’t let you in the club

And most often you resort to begging your way in.

2. And then a rude hostess won’t find your name on the guest list

And AGAIN you have issues getting in the club.

3. Someone who thinks it’s OKAY to step on your feet

You can deal with their weight but definitely not the heels!

4. Someone spilling their drink on you 

Oh, hello you clumsy soul.

5. Busy bathrooms

Blame the ones who can’t handle their beverages. They’re responsible for the line outside.

6. Not getting a cab  

The guest list shuts at midnight and not ONE cab will stop for you. Sigh!

7. And when you do get one…

The traffic is insane!

8. Losing your mobile / credit card / wallet / bag

Not that it matters when you’re having a good time but you need those essentials when you’re sober.

9. Having to wait at the bar to get your drink

C’mon mate we don’t have all night.

10. A massive bill at the end of the night 

Oopsie daisy. Can it be salary day tomorrow?

11. That ONE person who has crazy dance moves

We’re not against dancing, but we don’t want arms and legs flying across the room.

12. And then your two BFFs fight

Gosh! Do we have to deal with this now?

13. Losing your friends…and then finding them

Because we all have that one friend who disappears and only comes back at the end of the night.

14. You want food but your fridge is empty

Should have headed straight to Al Reef.

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